Towing Horse Trailers (Revised)


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Towing a horse trailer is not something to be taken lightly, but neither should you be scared of trying. This book, now in its third updated edition, explains how to buy and use a trailer safely and within the law, covering all the topics a responsible horse owner needs to know in a clear and concise way, supported by photographs and diagrams. The book examines all aspects of trailer use and ownership, including choosing a trailer and tow car, maintenance, safe driving practices and the law. The newcomers’ nightmares of hitching up and reversing are explained in illustrated step-by-step sections so that you can see where you are going wrong when you practice! Safety and the importance of driving with the horse in mind are stressed throughout and there are sections on travelling wear for horses and how to handle difficult loaders.

Author Biography:
John Henderson is a freelance journalist and photographer specializing in motoring and equestrian subjects. He has written on towing matters for Horse and Hound and many other equestrian magazines and has towed horse trailers and caravans with a wide variety of vehicles.


ISBN 085131-907-6

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