Torbay (Steamer) Haynet


These haynets are designed specifically for use in hay steamers


These haynets are designed for hay-steaming. Made from a strong, fixed-knot material which is protected against UVA-rot and have no metal components. Instead they have integrated, robust rubber rings, and are made to withstand temperatures up to 100C. The advantages of steaming hay is that it removes most respirable particles and bacteria and mould content, also increasing the moisture content of dry hay which is better for digestion and in helping to prevent colic. This also makes the hay more palatable, whist retaining nutrients and uses very little water compared to hay soaking

Available in two sizes:


  • Haynet Size – Circumference: 105cm
  • Colour – Black with pink hanging cord


  • Haynet Size – Circumference: 155cm
  • Colour – Black with blue hanging cord

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