Myler 89-30335 Eggbutt Ported Bit 5.0″


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Design: A oval shaped ring with fixed attachment of the mouthpiece. 
Function: Direct action – applies same amount of rein pressure to the mouth. More direct signal than Loose Ring. Will not pull through the mouth or pinch.
Usage: Used in English and Western. 
Options: Hooks are available on Eggbutt Rings. Hooks fix attachment of reins and headstall and allow bit to work like a leverage bit. When reins are pulled upward and backward, mouthpiece rolls downward and backward into the mouth while pulling downward on the poll. 
The Ported Barrel Mouth Piece (MB 33)
Design: Curved mouthpiece with upward and low-ported centre barrel & Copper Inlay
Function: Puts downwards pressure on top of bars, does not collapse on the bars and has no tongue pressure. Each side of the mouthpiece moves independantly. With a low palate, may exert some palate pressure. Turns into a solid mouthpiece when asking for a stop. Offers tongue relief.
Level: Three
Usage/Solution for: A mild bit, the Myler Ported Barrel mouthpiece works well with the intermendiate and finished horse. The independant side movement allows the rider to isolate one side and pick up a shoulder. It is a good bit for a stiff horse with little bend, or the horse which gets behind the bridle.

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